Data Driven International Trade Consulting


TerraBridge Partners is a boutique consulting firm. We focus on providing international trade consulting services 


Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Technology & Economics: 

Macroeconomic strategy for the creation, support and growth of technological ecosystems at national and regional level and INTL levels

Leading Incubator and Accelerator Programs in the United States:

Through partnerships, provide a new entry market for their portfolio software companies in the United States and internationalization in emerging markets in Latin America and Europe

Leading Technology Firms: 

TerraBridge works with highly disruptive, scalable, state-of-the-art technology firms in the United States and Latin America to help them enter new markets:

  • From the United States to Latin America
  • Cross-pollination within Latin America in additional Latin American markets for our client tech firms, accelerators and their portfolios
  •  Market entry into the United States from Latin America 

Connecting Your Firm to Emerging Economies


We are focused are helping our clients prepare and connect to the new global economy with a focus on emerging markets in Latin America and the exponential expansion of their consumer middle classes. 

TerraBridge Partners uses business analytics combined with 15 years of "on the ground" experience to provide customized new market entry plans for it's clients and macro-economic level consulting to increase trade between cities, nations and regions. 

We create successful results for our clients by utilizing our international network of trade and consulting agencies, leading incubators and accelerators and key influencers and decision makers in the emerging markets of Latin America and the United States. 

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